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This is my chronicle of being awesome in Madison, Wisconsin Zone 5a. My name's Megan. Often, funny things happen to me in Wisconsin.

I like my garden(s). I really like social media, the Internet and my road bike. And I never want to get diabetes.

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(Do I have to say this? Views here are mine alone.)

I'm going to turn 30 in 2015 so I only have two years to complete my 30 Under 30. This is what started it all.

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You can also read about my real life in higher education, social media and general nerdery here.

Posts I Like

Round two of Dilly Beans. Thanks, Vermont Valley Farm! #madison #csa

I made pesto in the Ninja. GAME CHANGER.

A little rain never hurt a tomato u-pick at Vermont Valley Farm in Blue Mounds, Wis. #madison

Move In day @uwmadison aka BIKE TO WORK OBSTACLE COURSE! #uwmadison #futurebadgers

I have a bag of organic potting soil with a stupid white fly/fruit fly infestation. Farmer Brian Coworker came to the rescue — just bake it at 200F for like 10 minutes. It really is a dirt cake. #garden #urbangardening

First Dean’s Plenary. And so… The school year returns. READY SET GO. #uwmadison


The wonderful Mindy Kaling’s newest project is participating in ours - she Tweeted, “In between slayin dudes and eating BBQ, #ireadeverywhere. Where do you read? @nypl.” Answer her and tell everyone where you read!  

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Alpine Flora: Western Alps / by G. Senn; with 144 colored plates after watercolors painted on locations of C. Kaftner. on Flickr.

Publication info Heidelberg: C. Winter, 1906.
BHL Collections:
New York Botanical Garden

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"They are kind of at the heart of a few things about the suburbs," she says. "People out here have a lot of opinions, and people obsess about their lawns. The funny thing that happens is that it’s like a bumper sticker on your house. You’re branding yourself with an opinion or a philosophy. It’s like wearing a very loud T-shirt that says what you believe."

-Lawn Signs for People Who Hate Lawn Signs