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This is my chronicle of being awesome in Madison, Wisconsin Zone 5a. My name's Megan. Often, funny things happen to me in Wisconsin.

I like my garden(s). I really like social media, the Internet and my road bike. And I never want to get diabetes.

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(Do I have to say this? Views here are mine alone.)

I'm going to turn 30 in 2015 so I only have two years to complete my 30 Under 30. This is what started it all.

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You can also read about my real life in higher education, social media and general nerdery here.

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Tell us which song drives you to run faster or jump higher. Then tell us why it works for you. If you’re like me, sometimes it’s enough to just hit play on the latest Planet Money podcast and let the treadmill carry you away to jog-land, but what we’re looking for here is the soundtrack to your most intense workout ever. Leave your pick in the comments, then stay tuned: we’ll compile your picks along some picks featured on Morning Edition for an ultimate workout playlist.

Music To Make You Move: Help NPR Create The Ultimate Workout Mix : All Songs Considered Blog

Photo: May-Ying Lam/NPR

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  13. combingthestars said: I Am The Doctor by Murray Gold!
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    Finally someone working on a movement playlist!
  18. whitemounten said: I hate doing abs, but I have an ab workout set to Mastodon’s ‘Blood and Thunder’ that leaves me aching. That song really gets me going.
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  20. arthurktripp said: If I’m running, I need something that is easy to listen to at a tempo I can match my stride to—Caribou, Junior Boys do that pretty well. Sometimes I need something I can completely zone out to, like Philip Glass.