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This is my chronicle of being awesome in Madison, Wisconsin Zone 5a. My name's Megan. Often, funny things happen to me in Wisconsin.

I like my garden(s). I really like social media, the Internet and my road bike. And I never want to get diabetes.

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I'm going to turn 30 in 2015 so I only have two years to complete my 30 Under 30. This is what started it all.

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Is this the world’s longest flip cup table?

I saw it at the UW-Madison Tailgate party for the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

For the record, I wasn’t working. But I was working on my drinking and fun having.  Both goals were achieved.

Here are some fun drinking photos from the UW tailgate at the Rose Bowl.

I believe I saw the biggest Flip Cup Game ever. I think it was 30 tables long.  I have a video to prove it, too.

Despite a loss, the Rose Bowl was a TON of fun! The game was exciting and high scoring and we had. absolutely. amazing. weather.

Now I’m back in the land of swampy, brown and grey muddy grossness and it will probably snow 20 ft tomorrow and freeze and I’ll slip on ice and hit my head and die of hypothermia.


Here are some photos from my fun day at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena on January 2nd.  

We lost the game, but the 80F made up for everything. Oh, and plenty of other ridiculousness.