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This is my chronicle of being awesome in Madison, Wisconsin Zone 5a. My name's Megan. Often, funny things happen to me in Wisconsin.

I like my garden(s). I really like social media, the Internet and my road bike. And I never want to get diabetes.

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I'm going to turn 30 in 2015 so I only have two years to complete my 30 Under 30. This is what started it all.

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Fresh flowers make me smile. #farmersmarket #madison #wisconsin #local

I’m back to recapping some 30 Under 30 Goals I completed last year and forgot to write about. 

Goal #9: Take a German refresher language course (ach ja!)

I remember a time back before public schools were being gutted and before everyone was crapping all over second-language skill acquisition…

I was entering 7th grade and was going to take a language course. I was pretty excited. I had a choice that would forever determine my destiny: I could take Spanish or German.

Let’s mull over the facts I knew to be true at the time:

1) I live in Wisconsin.

2) My mom studied abroad in Germany.

3) My grandpa’s family are all German.

4) I live in Wisconsin.

You’ll notice nowhere in there are consideration of future job requirements, population and demography changes nationwide or the fact that Rick Bayless is amazing. 

And so I took German.

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I’m back to recapping some 30 Under 30 Goals I completed last year and forgot to write about. 

Goal #6: Get a Tattoo and Like It

I don’t know when or where it started, but I’ve always wanted a tattoo. 

Maybe it’s because I live in Madison, Wis., and am in my late 20s, but tattoos are ubiquitous. They’re everywhere. 

They also have a way of always coming up in conversation. 

For example: someone will comment on a tattoo. This then leads to someone saying they want to get one but don’t know what to get. Suddenly I’m at a whole table of coworkers asking lots of questions about why, what, when, where, and then we’re all pointing or hiding various parts of our bodies and I start to think, “When did this work meeting derail into an HR hellscape?”

Kidding. (Kind of)

Since I’ve always wanted tattoo, I got one in spring 2013. It was a life goal and part of 30 Under 30 list. Donezo. 

My tattoo is a large large flower (Tudor rose) on my left shoulder — you can see me pictured here with my pal Sean who had his tattoo done by the same artist (more on him below).

Profile-wise, it’s a bit straight on and creeps up a bit over my shoulder cuff.

Since I knew I wanted to get one, the question for many years was WHAT to get. I was leaning toward something leafy or flowery — gardening (duh) is a big part of my life. 

But in the years leading up to my tattoo, here was the scenario I had repeated to me in various forms:

-If you get Thing A tattooed on your body, it must represent everything about yourself.

-Don’t blow it. It will be with you forever! It must have staying power! It must be forever! 

I call bullshit on these pieces. But, I’m not the first.

The first person who ever re-framed that scenario for me was my pal Erin. She has this great tattoo of a watercolor barn on her arm. I remember a conversation years ago with her that stuck with me.

I asked her, “Why’d you get that barn on your arm? How’d you decide on that?”

And she casually said something along the lines of, “I liked it. It doesn’t have to mean something for my entire life, but I remember that I liked it and it reminds me who I was when I got it. It’s a part of me now. Plus, who cares anyway? Don’t over-think it.”

I think she’s right. I stopped over-thinking. 

My Tudor rose was designed by the amazing Jon Bass at Tailor Made Tattoo in Madison, Wis. (Jon is so amazeballs at Instagram that if you don’t go follow him right now you suck)

Now, I don’t even particularly like roses, but there’s something I love about Jon’s style. I went with a lot of colors and… big. Way bigger than I originally intended (TWSS). And I’m so glad I did.

In the lead-up to my tattoo, I could always imagine family members or old friends saying things like, “Ohh, but it will show on your wedding and it will be in all the pictures. And you’ll get old and it’ll be ugly.”

First: I’m eloping maybe so no wedding. SUCKER.

Second: Showing the tattoo off is  kind. of. the. whole. point. 

Last: Getting old is getting old. The tattoo aging is analogous to me aging, the only perk is that the tattoo is much cheaper to freshen up than my entire body and all of my fat face. 

Tattoos aren’t for everyone. I don’t presume to think everyone should have one — do whatever you jokers want to do.

Nick loves to say, “Why put a bumper sticker on this Ferrari?” which is … actually pretty funny but don’t tell him because I am the funniest one in this relationship and he knows it and I’ve documented him admitting this many, many times.

Regardless, you know what?

SCREW Ferraris. I don’t even like driving. Hell, I don’t own a car so I’ll add another bumper sticker to this beast any day.

In the meantime, I know that my tattoo(s) will always make work meetings more interesting.


Have a tattoo? A secret one? A terrible one? An awesome one? Always wanted one? Join the Empire! (I want to see them.)

Here we go — time to recap some 30 Under 30 Goals I recapped last year and forgot to write about.

In the early winter months of 2013 (winter is coming and I will keep saying it, and I don’t care, it’s not annoying because I read the books and don’t watch the TV show and I haaaaate people who say that but I am also that person), I decided to enroll for the May 26, 2013 Madison Half-Marathon.

Yes, it was a year ago.

But, I did it. I did it. 

See? I finished!

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Good morning, love. #garden #urbangardening #wisconsin.

Cleaning out my laundry closet. This can only mean one thing… GROW SHELF SEASON BEGINS!
#garden #urbangardening #madison #wisconsin

Snow in the neighborhood. #willyst #madison #marquette #wisconsin

Snow action nugget shot. #madison #wiwx #wisconsin

Happening. #wisconsin (at The Old Fashioned)

PUMPKIN BEERS ARE BACK! #wisconsin (at Star Liquor)

Lets play “who’s the 16-year-old sister and who’s the 28-year-old sister.” #statefair #wisconsin

My B-Side is doing cool things.

Hashtag multiple identities. Hashtag digital life.


Here we go! Follow along as I explore old-timey scrapbooks and continue working on my LIS practicum this summer.

History is NEAT!


By Megan Costello

A photo is worth a thousand words.

A tweet is worth 140 characters.

But what about a scrapbook from 1909? What’s that worth in words? And what’s a scrapbook tell us about anything?

We at the UW Archives are going to find out.

"Help! We are so confused!" - people of #wisconsin #wiwx

Waukesha County. #wisconsin